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Reusable Tee Signs - Golf Tournament Signs

Large Golf Ball Shaped Tee Sign

Includes sign with sponsor lettering

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Each hole sponsor signs come with its own metal stake which fits firmly into the ground. The sponsor sign also comes with a clear vinyl envelope which you can use to attach your sponsors name to the sign. Simply print the sponsor's name onto a standard 8.5x11 inch sheet of paper, slide the paper into the clear vinyl envelope, and it easily attaches to the golf tournament sign for a fantastic look!

Golf Tournament Sign - Golf Ball








Golf Cart Shaped Reusable Tee Sign $18/sign

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As mentioned before, we provide a vinyl envelope to attach the sponsors name to the hole sponsor signs. Each signs come with wire stands, not cheap plastic stands the other tee sign providers include.

Golf Tournament Sign - Golf Cart

Golf Tournament Signs People Love

Everyone loves a cute reusable sponsor sign of a golf cart. Your sponsor's name will be dead in the middle for all to see. Everybody who is attending the golf fundraising or charity event will notice the sponsors sign. The signs come with metal stake, not plastic stakes.